Friday Hyperlinks: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine, Shanghai pillow combat, and “Exhibit me your boobs,” sadly says expat

Friday Hyperlinks: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine, Shanghai pillow combat, and “Exhibit me your boobs,” sadly says expat
Friday Hyperlinks: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine, Shanghai pillow combat, and “Exhibit me your boobs,” sadly says expat
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Mao's 120th birthday
Reuters via WSJ

Apologies for the light posting of late, but it is the holidays. Links follow. Hope you enjoyed Mao’s birthday.

Feelings are deeply hurt. “Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine for war dead on Thursday, a temple seen as a symbol of Japan’s World War Two militarism, prompting a swift and sharp rebuke from China. // The first serving prime minister to visit the shrine in seven years, Abe however said he had no intention of hurting the sentiments of Japan’s neighbors.” (Reuters)

Dude… “Another foreigner has found himself in hot water, this time after making a crude statement to a TV reporter who was asking for a Christmas greeting. // The foreigner, in Wuhan, simply said ‘I love you’ followed by ‘show me your boobs,’ thus confirming every stereotype that exists of foreigners in third tier cities.” (The Nanfang)

This editorial. “There is no historical or current evidence that is convincing enough to denigrate Mao. Voices that completely deny or support him are both highly polarized. Currently, the demonizing voices are mainly from the West, which also criticizes China’s socialist system. // Those who criticize Mao do so out of political motivations rather than a desire for genuine historical debate. Those who try to undermine China’s politics in the name of debating history should be resisted by China’s mainstream society.” (Global Times)

Infant deaths. “Health authorities in China are investigating one of the nation’s biggest vaccine makers after eight infants died in the past two months following injections that were meant to immunize them against hepatitis B.” (NY Times)

But he won’t be playing. “Stephon Marbury announced his return to China for December 27th 2013 via his personal Sina Weibo account.” (Basketball Buddha)

the Beijinger editor Steven Schwankert in his own words: “People misunderstand the whole ‘dead to me’ thing. It’s about having standards. I’ve been here a long time. I’m not 26 anymore. I don’t need to put up with bad service, bad drinks, crappy atmosphere, andinconvenience. It’s like the old Yugong Yishan: people talked about it like it was Carnegie Hall. It was a fucking trailer with crap sound where the bartenders didn’t understand the concept of mixing gin with tonic water.” (Beijing Boyce)

Parody rap — “24 (Kobe Speaks Chinese)” — interlude from Andi Hester:


Giant pillow fight in Shanghai. (DigTriad)

“Santa’s Sleigh Shot Down Over East China Sea.” (Ministry of Harmony)

Scaled back celebrations for Mao’s birthday. (Reuters)

So many imitation Maos. (Offbeat China)

“Infection Resulting in Amputation Raises Questions About Asian Immigrants’ IV Use.” (NY Times)

“Heritage architecture in Penang.” (Shanghai Street Stories)

“Sex, strength, and adventure are common themes of Shanghai-based designer Zhang Zihao.” (NeochaEDGE)


  1. Newly elected PM Shinzo Abe mentioned that he wants to change the Anti-war Constitution so Japan can have its own full military. “Mr. Abe has been vague about whether he will shift his energies to his long-held desire to rewrite Japan’s antiwar Constitution to allow for a full-fledged military.”

    Half of me is ok with this but the other half is nervous:
    1) If Japan had its own military and China were to attack them (I KNOW it will happen one day. They are still pissed) we would not be thrown into it unless we chose to fight. If we are their only military and China attacked China would technically be attacking us. But I hope no one attacks anyone.
    2) I am nervous because Japan was very dangerous and violent in WW2 before the “anti-war constitution.” If they were to get their own military what if they invaded China again and raped and killed millions of women again!!! China would be controlled by Japan again and many people would die. I do not think they would want to attack us because we are best friends with them. But CHINA WOULD BE IN TROUBLE!!!!

    What do you guys think?

  2. It does not make sense for nominal to be lower than real, except I encountered this on a 4th year university test (as two given values).
    It just occurred to me that perhaps it is possible during a deflationary period, as in, a period of negative inflation? Am I correct?
    Assume that all rates are the effective annual rate, compounded annually. John M, you are referring to the Annual Percent Rate versus the Effective Annual Rate. The APR is a convention, and the EAR is what you are actually paying. “Real rate” as an economic term is the inflation adjusted interest rate.

  3. by AFP News,

    China, Japan and South Korea kicked off formal negotiations Tuesday on securing a free trade agreement to bind together three economies that account for around 20 percent of global gross domestic product.

    With all three countries under new leadership, trade officials hope they can move beyond damaging territorial disputes that have dogged their relations for decades.

    The idea of a trilateral FTA has been on the table for decades, but diplomats say China is now pushing especially hard for a pact, in part as a counter to US initiatives in Asia.

    Washington is leading negotiations on a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade pact that some see as part of the so-called US “pivot” — aimed at reaffirming the US role in Asia in the face of China’s economic rise.

    The TPP talks currently involve Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam.

    While China is conspicuously absent, new Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced earlier this month Japan’s decision to participate in the negotiations.

    The initial round of trilateral FTA talks is being held in Seoul, after which the negotiations will move to China followed by a third round in Japan, trade officials from South Korea said.

    China, Japan and South Korea are now Asia’s largest, second-largest and fourth-largest economies, while trade volume between them amounted to $690 billion in 2011.

    Among other issues, the discussions are expected to hit opposition from Japanese and South Korean farmers worried about an inflow of cheaper agricultural products such as Chinese rice.

    “Farmers are already suffering more difficulties due to Seoul’s free trade pacts with the European Union and the United States,” the Korean Advanced Farmers Federation said in a statement.

    The federation threatened to launch an anti-government campaign if South Korea pursues the FTA with China and Japan.

    But the main hurdle lies in the form of bitter, long-standing territorial disputes that have raised diplomatic and military tensions and hampered economic cooperation.

    China and Japan are arguing about sovereignty over an archipelago in the East China Sea, while Japan and South Korea have a historic dispute over ownership of islands in waters between the two countries.

    The first round of talks between deputy trade ministers in Seoul will last three days and “will involve no practical negotiations”, a South Korean official told AFP.

    “It will cover broad matters such as the scope, agenda and procedure for further negotiations,” the official said.
    @ Thanks to Sailor8′s detailed write-up, as always.

    I put CCP + Japan + S Korea to work something out in the free trade talks with at least a 50-year time span due to,

    1) If CCP able to survive in China’s existing hard-grip, inhuman and secretive rule within the next 20 – 30 years,

    2) CCP not yet know how to merge with the world and be a responsible team-player, from CCP’s acts and policies being very inconsiderate and no concern for both the Chinese People and China’s neighbors eg the serious air/water/soil pollutions blowing all over Asia, toxic food/milk/cooking oil, abusing Burma’s water dam construction, dumping daily 100,000+ ruthless Mainland visitors to Hong Kong – a small city of only 7 million are a few good examples,

    3) All CCP’s decisions, both domestic and foreign are decided upon behind closed doors by the 7 super CCP elites according to their likes, dislikes and “face”, disregarding the best interest of the 1.3 billion Chinese Peo
    the 1.3 billion Chinese People and China’s neighbors.

    4) With Xi Jinping’s empty-promises honey moon comes to an end, life and decisions of CCP will be as before under Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao.

    A new round of CCP nickle workers are emerging on here lately talking and acting like red guards under the auspicious of rude and ruthless EXCO/supermaniac/InfinitiveFoodCrave’s multiple accounts ie Margaret, hv154(?), Walle, SilySalty, JingleJungle……Well, CCP still behave like guerrillas sending terrorists around to fight opponents sneakily.
    @ coolwid/uncool/infinitive food crave + multiple accounts

    Simply reciting few figures from CCP’s own fake data showed how ignorant, poorly educated these nickle workers are.

    To sum up, regardless how “enormous” China’s trade figures show, China at present is mainly a large assembling factory producing cheap shoddy products for the 1st developed world with many high tech, advanced parts and equipment being designed and made outside of China and shipped over to China by Japan, EU, US, S. Korea etc before the unskilled assembling work take place in China.

    Would nickel workers first dig up the drastic differences between “OEM assembling” and “CAD CAM production”, the first is mainly done in China which only comprised of a tiny fraction of the product’s cost while the latter sophiscated work is done in Japan.

    BTW, didn’t kiddo cool rant in a recent post that she’s 15 years old studying high school in Hubei China, yet in another post ki
    then in another post kiddo cool suddenly grew up and claimed she’s attending college?

    These kiddo nickle workers get their brains all fxxked up, don’t even know the surname of their dad, lol.

  4. I’m Japanese and know how to pronounce ‘Shinzo Abe’ in Japanese, but I’m wondering how native speakers of English pronounce his name. Also, please tell me which part is stressed.

    If it’s hard to put the pronunciation into letters, please use this.
    The pronunciation of the man in the news sounds like ‘SHIN-zoh AB-ay’. Am I right?

  5. Is there conflict? And does Shinzo Abe have a post at the United Nations?

    Please give me your source (s). Thank you.

  6. This is coming from someone who is completely ignorant of Japanese affairs. Does Japan have a prime minister? What sort of goverment does Japan have? Is it a religious government? Etc etc.

  7. I’m of Chinese descent and I know all the atrocities committed by the Japanese during both wars.

    Shinzo Abe is a dangerous nationalist.

  8. Could you tell me what ‘equities’ means in this sentence?

    Investors could hardly be more excited about the pressure on the Bank of Japan from new prime minister Shinzo Abe. Japanese *equities have soared and the yen crumbled (until this week’s slight strengthening, at least) on hopes the BoJ will act more aggressively to end the deflation, which is widely blamed for crippling the economy.

    Please respond

  9. Last time when Japan and Germany suffered great depression in early 1900s, they became two of the world’s most terrible War criminals. This year, Japan seems to be suffering a lot, natural disaster, nuclear radiations, the nature is pushing the Japanese to the edge of the cliff, they are depressed once again! Does this means they gonna be desperate and go Slattering foreign countries again? Will they act on desperation again? Will Shinzo Abe the current right winger extremist party leader and formal Japan prime minister become the next ‘Hitler’?!
    If he is, should somebody assasin him before he turn into a monster?

  10. Now we know Japan has made a lot of compensation and a previous prime minister did apologise(though not convincing).

    What if Japan’s prime minister(obviously not shinzo abe) apologised on behalf of the country sincerely on the warcrimes in WW2, will you forgive the japanese government?

    I know a lot of countries like france forgave germany but still there is still a bit of hatred(eg. greece)

  11. I was reading a Japanese article that has an English translation. I translated it into English before reading the English translation.But I’m not sure if I translated correctly. Could you check my writing, comparing the English translation, please?

    Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzou Abe, has decided to increase the consumption tax from five present to eight present in April next year.
    However, he doesn’t want it to give a negative effect on an economic growth, so he asks industrial circles to increase employments and raise their salaries.

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has decided to raise the consumption tax from the current five percent to eight starting next April. But he doesn’t want it to dampen economic growth, so he wants businesses to hire more people and boost wages.

    Thank you for your help.

  12. I ate quite a lot of fat at breakfast (2sp nut spread, 1/3 avocado, full cream milk) So I’m wondering if I can eat chinese food, only if it doesn’t have a high fat content. If i can’t eat it what should I eat for Lunch?

  13. I am confused ,some people thinks he is a scary ultranationalist and some praise him .My general opinion is positive

  14. Seems like many foreigners in Japan tend to have a deep hatred for politicians who they consider “right wing” such as Shinzo Abe and the rest of the LDP members. Its not like they’re citizens of the country and care about domestic problems in Japan when they cant even vote. Why the hatred? They even seem to target netizens who support LDP by accusing them for being “netouyos”.

    Whats so wrong with right wing politics in general? Im just curious to know what foreigners(in Japan) think.

  15. I need to find pro-imperialism quotes/information for my report (preferably European expansion, but any is fine). Can anyone help me?

  16. 1. Stephen Harper (Canada)
    2. Shinzo Abe (Canada)
    3. Prodi (Italy)
    4. George W. Bush (USA)
    5. Tony Blair (UK)
    6. Merkel (Germany)
    7. Putin (Russia)
    8. Chirac (France)

    1 is left-wing and 8 is right wing.
    Shinzo Abe is Japan, not Canada. Sorry but I am having a big headache.

  17. mine would be a pile of food(mostly tso chicken and fried rice)from peking chinese restaurant,one of my favorite local restaurants.

  18. can i kno his name plz and a picture of him thanxx!

  19. Chinese people like to call Japan 小日本 in the view of the fact that Japan’s total land area is much smaller than that of China.
    But is it really true?
    See the picture in the link below where you can find how broad Japan is when it includes her EEZ!

    Your opinion?
    @ Pink
    Your answer makes Japan even bigger.
    With those disadvantages, Japan’s economy is still comparable to that of China ( based on the China’s GDP that might be padded) which means that more than 10 Chinese needs to match only one Japanese.
    Is this a reason that Chinese dare not call us 小日本”人”? because thew knew deep down they are 小中国人? Is this a reason why they like to use 小日本 instead of “小日本人”?

  20. I’m doing a country report on japan for school and wanted to know this…

  21. Just people’s thoughts on if or not the Chinese girls carrying the medals for the medal ceromony are hot or not, and same for Chinese cheerleaders for Beijing Olympics?

  22. Hi, so this question is going to sound really dumb. But, continuing. I’m pretty sure that in Japan, people say their last name, then first name; unlike in US, people say their first name, then last name…..
    Is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, is Shinzo his last name or first name? According to wikipedia, which is probably not the most reliable source, it says that Abe is his last name. Just hearing “Shinzo Abe”, I thought Abe would be his first name.

    Anyways, can someone please clarify? Thanks in advance!

  23. I recently acquired a new set of Japanese-style dishes. My friend and I want to put them to good use, but it’s hard to get the full effect if you use American food. I would hate to resort to takeout, but I’m not sure what to cook (nor am I the greatest at cooking). Any suggestions for what I can make? Full meal for two.

    I looked at washoku, but it seems …. complicated for someone like me.

  24. I want to have a small store its about 20-25 m. Its only a block away from chinatown in vancouver downtown. I want to know what can I sell that will cost max of 10,000. (e.g. ice cream maker : 5k, plumping 5k , etc for ice cream store) and where can I buy the items.

    It used to be a make up store.
    nice floor and nice colour (pink)
    I just want to know whats best that chinatown people would prefer to come to our store. If you live in vancouver its InternationalVilage downtown.

  25. Hello

    Reporter Gurl is back

  26. One of my four is Peking and the other is to but the other has a rash on it

  27. we don’t care about money or time but you have to pick three cities anywhere in the world…the first is where you’ll have appetisers, the second where you’ll have your main dish, the third where you’ll have your desert…what are you eating???

  28. Who would Win in an all out war? (hypothetical question)

    1.USA vs China
    2.UK vs Russia
    3.Israel vs Iran,
    4.India vs Pakistan,
    5.France vs Germany
    6.Venezuela vs Mexico
    7.Canada vs Cuba
    8.Japan vs N. Korea
    9.S.Korea vs Thailand
    10.Vietnam vs South Africa
    11.Nigeria vs Sao Tome and Principe
    12.Indonesia vs Hungary

    1 on 1 Dead or Alive fighting match :
    who would win
    CONSIDERING them all in their PRIME:

    1.George Bush vs Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran)
    2.John F Kennedy vs Che Guevara
    3.George Bush Snr. vs Fidel Castro
    4.Hu Jintao (China) vs Shinzo Abe (Japan)

  29. A real world event that has two outcomes that are not equally likely?

  30. He is 52 years old and successor to Jenichiro Koizumi

  31. Like the ice cream store I like had a anaversery sale today and you got a free sundae. I got so excited about that, lol. Whats the last thing you got really excited about???????????/

  32. Please give me the recipe and suggest an alternative to cool whip as I believe that will be difficult to find in Beijing, China.

    Thank you for your time!

  33. In beijing, I went to the 3rd Coldstone creamery shop today where they had this white sorbet that sometimes is called sweet cream sorbet or just sorbet… but when I check online it’s as though it doesn’t exist at all…I wanted to know the ingredients. If anyone is interested, I also can’t find mango sorbet on any of their lists, even though it’s in every shop…


  35. I have an LG Ice Cream Phone with (We live in Oz service). Will I be able to use this in China, and if so what are the roaming fees? Just a rough estimate would be good..
    I have a year contract.

  36. Thanks for the advise guys…. I’ll definitely try the street stalls… love those in HK, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand…will probably love it in Beijing too… Since “Very Good” & “Ykphil” recommended the same restaurant for Peking Duck… guess tat’s a must try too! Cant wait to gorge myself! Are there some eating places tat locals go to instead of tourists?

  37. Not using cream of soups.

  38. I have a very strict history teacher and i am in a class of seven people(including me) My teacher expects something good from all of us and i am at a loss. Is there anything interesting that would take up a teacher and a students intrest?

  39. So Shinzo Abe is working on infrastructure and if he succeeds then Japan will have a much more better economy, and he is working on a better military which could soon compete with China’s military, and soon could even have Mech robots in their military and aircraft carriers, and he is also making allies with all of China’s neighbors like A.S.E.A.N. South Korea, Taiwan and India, he could also reverse the population decline by making homes in rural homes and raising pay rates for people to have kids, so with all of these advantages and if they continue like this, in 50 years, what will Japans population be. What will Japans military be like, what will Tokyo and Japans other major cities look like, will Japan engage with China, in any major wars, who do you think would win. Do you think Japan should make more aircraft carriers in reaction to China’s aggression?

  40. on all subject matters? I’m especially interested to know about the past Japanese invasion of China and South Korea which he trivializes.

  41. Going to study in beijing for a year. any packing tips?
    yeah so im going to Beijing, China in just 5 days. I’ve packed stuffs tho but I think I need to fill up more…
    What to bring and what to not bring?
    Cuz im just gonna buy house appliances there, since it’s so ridiculously cheap. HAHA.

    any tips on what to bring?
    like important documents and stuff.
    need to write on my checklist so it would be easier for me. :)

    thankyou!! :)

  42. i have a friend that lives in japan and uses yahoo but when i search for her contact using her yahoo email, yahoo cant find her contact, i live in australia

  43. I will drive miles to the nearest Desert Moon restaurant for the tofu tacos. And, if I were rich, I’d fly to London to have a sundae at Harrod’s Ice Cream Bar!

  44. I’m an American student living in Beijing, and I’m in dire need of a waxing salon. I’m wondering if anyone has personally gone to any spas here and had a good experience?

  45. I would love to visit china one day but in the winter because i love the cold, which city is colder beijing or shanghai? And how cold like jackets needed? Snow? Thanks

  46. Does anyone have any photos, recipes, more info? All I know is that it had a taste similiar to the red bean paste common in Japan.

    It’s not baked – it’s served over shaved ice.

  47. Today I watched the news. According to the news, Japan did not agree to send cash donation to the Philippines unless the Philippines president agrees to let Japanese military warships to stay in the Philippines as a term of exchange, while the Philippines wants money than military warships and combat troops.

    The USA has long been sending warships to the Philippines as a routine, and thus the US sending warships to the Philippines is not a surprise, Japan, on the other hand, seems to force their military warships into the Philippines with political motives, according to the news.

    Why does Japan refuse to give cash donation to the Philippines unless the Philippines agrees Japan’s military warships and combat troops stay in Philippines as a term of exchange ?

    Thanks for your answers.

  48. What do you want? I want some peppered steak

  49. What was the real reason Prime Minister Shinzo Abe quit? Is there a Japanese citizen that can answer this for me please?

    I don’t know anything about Japanese politics but I’m curious about the real issues that lead to his resignation, from the point of view of a regular Japanese person. Maybe you explain in a few quick sentences.

    Thank you
    Yeah well, they always claim mental illness or homosexuality. I’m a cynic that wants proof before I ever belive that kind of information.

  50. As in provinces, not countries as in Japan.

  51. he is a cream color and i want it to start with a B.

  52. make a cheesecake in beijing with no oven
    Question Details: …i am living in a squalid apt in beijing and would like to make a cheesecake for my girlfriend….i can buy philly cream cheese ( can’t find graham cracker crumbs ) and have no oven – any recipes out there?

  53. I know Fukuda is probably too old, and Aso will not be forgiven for his loss in 2009. Do you think Shinzo Abe can return to make up for his bad term in 2006-2007? He was a top performer in Koizumi’s cabinet.

  54. Maybe ten would be nice if not to much to ask but please something suitable for a seven star tour to china?

  55. Birthday:
    Year you were born:
    Postal code you live in:
    City and state you live in:
    Fav Rapper:
    Fav Rap Album:
    Burger king or Mcdonalds:
    Coke or Pepsi:
    Strawberry ice cream or Chocolate:

  56. Hello, i live in singapore and i am no idea what kind of creams are better in a winter climate tt is below 0 degrees.I have combination skin, and rebonded hair..what shld i buy?Please help! My budget’s anything below 60 bucks

  57. item in question:

    I want to know if this is an authentic product based on reviews left by other purchasers.

    Also would like to know who it’s made by if possible.

  58. As a part of my Food Technology GCSE course, i have to undertake a questionnaire for my coursework. If you are with in the ages of 13-16, could you please answer the following questions:
    (if you are within the ages of 17-19, please say so)

    1.Which of these Asian cuisines/regions do you prefer (food-wise obviously)?
    -Other (please specify)

    2. Do you mind the following in a dessert?
    -Spicy flavours
    -Small portions

    3. Which of the following would you prefer as as decorative side?
    -Sweet sauces/chutneys/dips
    -Brownies, cakes, and such.
    -Fruits – as a decorative component
    -Fruit salad (like, in a bowl and all)
    -Ice Cream
    -Dessert on its own.

    4. When you go to a restaurant with your family- like Cocos, or Chilli’s, not fast food chains- do you pay attention to hoe fatty or how many calories the dessert has?

    5. Without using the internet for this one, can you tell me which Asian country or region these desserts come from?
    -Sticky rice
    -Kheer (rice pudding)


  59. Hi, after a business trip to Beijing, i was intending to explore the northern part of China. So, I thought of Harbin – due to rumours of fascinating Russian buildings there.
    The trip to Harbin will probably start on the night of 5th August. I will need to be back at Beijing by the afternoon/evening of 9th August for a night flight on that day.

    Does anyone know
    1. What is the best way of a round trip to Harbin from Beijing. There are many train and flight options. Which would be your recommendation? Flight or train?
    There were the hard sleeper and soft sleeper version. I’m assuming that refers to the beds but the idea of an 8 hour train ride certainly scares me.

    2. Aside from the central street and the sophia church, what other attractions are nice there? This, considering that it’s going to be in August.

    3. Are taxis there safe? I’ll be travelling alone.

    4. How many days would be ideal for a stay in Harbin?


  60. the highest and most powerful leader each country

  61. There’s a chance I might be going to China in December. Probably Beijing and maybe Tibet if it’s open to tourists by then. Is there a lot of snow that time of the year? What are some challenges to travelling in China during December/winter season? Thanks.
    And would there be a big weather difference between going in December and going in November, instead?

  62. I’ve been really interested in buying a cake pop maker. I’ve seen one that looks like a Beijing Waffle Maker but it’s for Cake Pops. Another one looks similar to it but minus the handle. I don’t know what the difference between being able to rotate or not rotate would be. Then the other type I saw was a Cake Pop pan that you use in your oven like you would any other cake pan. Which is the best type to get?

    Here’s some links to see what they are.. I’m not always the best at describing things.

  63. Abe & Hitler share many qualities.
    1. Both believe their countries were bullied by the victors & deny accountability (Hitler believed Germany lost WWI because of the Jews while Abe denounced the charges of Japan’s war crimes & use of comfort women as false & mere slander).
    2. Both have extreme right-wing parties that share the same views (Hitler had the Nazis while Abe had the LDP).
    3. Both want to heavily militarize their country.
    4. Both keep provoking neighboring countries to attack (Hitler kept taking “just one more territory” while Abe loves denying Japan’s war crimes at EVERY opportunity & honors war criminals).
    5. Both were successful at raising their countries’ economies.

    Most damning, Japan’s government up till this day refuses to acknowledge or apologize for its barbaric past, and Abe was elected to be PM TWICE despite his clear favoritism of militarization & wartime bloodlust.

    Should the rest of the civilized world start preparing nukes (just to be clear, the Japanese government joined WWII without its people’s clear knowledge & consent)?

  64. who is the prime minister of japan now..??

  65. What are some recipies you make from common groceries (can be from refrigerator or freezer also)?

    can be any kind of recipie, any kind of grocery (milk, spices, canned food, etc)

  66. Specifically in China and Korea. Like can you go to any store and pick up a bag or are they rare if not unheard of? What about cream cheese?

  67. …i am living in a squalid apt in beijing and would like to make a cheesecake for my girlfriend….i can buy philly cream cheese ( can’t find graham cracker crumbs ) and have no oven – any recipes out there?

  68. 1th July
    Today was the half a year in China.peoples are eat dumplings in Qingdao to commemorate the past time,but there aren’t have to do anything for today in Shanghai.
    I elect to adapt myself to new condition don’t eat it today. I was going to a Korean restaurangt to ate the barbecue with Shanghai office staff. We drinked anymore, the atmosphere was good.
    After dinner, we had going to Baskin robbins to ate icecream. Who know me all knows I like icecream very much.
    In this half a year I wasn’t ate the dumplings but chocolate form Beijing and the Korean barbecue and the California ice cream.
    That’s all,.
    the half a year is the festival in some place in China.

  69. Hi !!

    I am going to Beijing to teach English at a University !! yea!!

    Ok so now I have questions. I want to ship a box full of anibacterial soap, lotions, facial creams, stuff from my home I cannot buy in china.

    Does anyone know of the chances actually getting there??

    Thanks !!!!!

    PS Please email me if you live in BJ, i am looking to meet friends at [email protected] thanks !!

  70. and please right it in chinese character and pinyin.

  71. I am in China and am missing my western dishes…

    So here there are is no cream in supermarkets. Anyone knows how to make:
    sour cream
    whipped cream
    or heavy cream

    I can’t get cheese but I could get milk, butter and yoghurt. I don’t know what else might be useful.

    thank you!!
    I’d like to use them especially for soups, sauces, pasta, etc

  72. how did bruce lee form his body and what did he eat and what training did he do just wondering if any one knew?

  73. I am gg to beijing for 6 mths coming jan, and i was wondering if there are anything i shld take note of when i live in a cold country? what are the best brands of moisturiser and hair cream to use? i’m living in singapore now and i have no idea what to prepare

  74. Dear friends, can someone translate to chinese (beijing).
    I need to ask in pharmacology store for:
    treatment against Vagina Yeast infection (cream, ointment). and clotrimazole and vulva itching treatment.
    Thank you

  75. Has anyone tried Celadrex tablets or cream for their arthritic complaint? I am seeing some good press about this product but wondered if there is anyone out there who has actually tried this with success?

  76. My girlfriend asked me this yesterday, and my reply was as follows:

    A seafood platter – inc. oysters, shrimp, langoustine, winkles, whelks, and a big fat crab on top

    Main Course:
    A rib of beef done over a wood fire, roast potatoes, green beans, roasted onions, gravy – with a side order of coleslaw (I’ve always had a strange affection for it!)

    Spiced apple pie with vanilla ice cream (the real stuff with vanilla seeds in it) and cream

    Sancerre with the starter – A good Rioja with the main course and dessert, with Calvados afterwards.

    What would you have?

  77. Dear Mr. Yao Ming,
    We are sorry about your injury. We plan to cream the Rockets with out you. We do not want Tracy to make the playoffs. We will miss you in Beijing.

    The rest of the Western Conference Suerstars

  78. I will be with a group of 7 on a pilgrimage for 14 days. I would love to understand about the weather from May 28-June 9 as well. What clothes would I pack. What do Americans usually forget etc?

  79. The walmart where line 10 and 13 join does not have either.

    I just had a pair of shoes sent to me, local stores do not carry my large size. Postal charges would be very high for a liquid like vanilla flavoring.

    Is there a good place to buy AXE personal Hygiene items?
    As in Body wash, deodorant, shampoo?
    I do not care much for the local products.

    I thank God for K.F.C in China!

    Thank you for your time!

  80. I am travelling to Beijing for a year and want to know how easy it is to obtain medication for psoriasis there.

    I would need:

    Calcipotriol (dovonex) ointment or cream;
    Xamiol (calcipotriol monohydrate);
    Hydromol Bath;
    Vitamin D tablets;
    PUVA treatment.

    Thank you all for your help.

  81. I am confused on whether the Bacon flavour crisps in walkers is haram or not.Because some say it is different flavours mixed together and some say that its just BACON in the crisps.
    So is the bacon flavour crisps and well as other such as steak,chicken,BBQ rib haram or not?

  82. On the medal tally China will defeat you.. which means they are also stronger than you politically, military, education, sports and economically.

    This is what olympics is about
    the true global superpower.

    1. China
    2. USA

  83. I’m having my Sweet 16 party in July and I want to start organizing it ASAP. I’m having a Hollywood awards ceremony theme, and at the start there’s going to be a meal with menus and waiters, like a restaurant. I’m hiring caterers who offer a customized menu service, so I need ideas for food :D An entire menu would be awesome, including a couple of vegetarian options. I want fancy, sophisticated food :) I have an unlimited budget, so anything goes :) Not just pizza, burgers etc! There’s going to be 150 – 200 people, so a lot of options would be great! Thank you :D
    Lucy xxx

  84. … for him to change the succession law, so that his only daughter Aiko can become empress in the future?

    If it’s not in his power to do so, can he put pressure on the Diet (or whatever it calls, but this body decides much for the royal family) or the PM to change the law? I believe that Koizumi was in favour for an equal primogeniture (before Kiko gave birth to Aiko’s only male cousin).

    To be honest I like Naruhito, Masako, and Aiko much more than Akishino (Naruhito’s younger brother) and Kiko. So I hope Aiko can become an empress. Naruhito seems to be a supportive husband, and I remember Akishino criticized him for speaking for Masako’s ill-treatment by courtiers publicly. It seems to me that Akishino and Kiko are favoured by the old emperor and empress, tho’…

  85. I’m Japanese and know how to pronounce ‘Shinzo Abe’ in Japanese, but I’m wondering how native speakers of English pronounce his name. Also, please tell me which part is stressed.
    ‘behh’? Is that ‘bay’ as in ‘Hudson Bay’? Or, the sound of ‘bet’ without ‘t’? And, where’s the stress?

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