World Cup Crew Stage Suits

World Cup Crew Stage Suits
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We will be exhibiting most nighttime fits, a few of the 3am suits, and handiest one of the crucial 6am suits (England v Italy, Solar fifteenth 6am).

As of now, we have no idea whether or not our satellite tv for pc feed has English commentary, however we can replace this list once we recognize.

For up to the moment scheduling, practice this hyperlink: material/world-cup

Please observe the suit instances are early morning. So, as an instance, if you wish to watch a in shape on Saturday at the hours of darkness, exhibit up on Friday evening.
Saturday June 14th
12:00am – Mexico v Cameroon
three:00am – Spain v Netherlands
Sunday June fifteenth
12:00am – Columbia v Greece
three:00am – Uruguay v Costa Rica
6:00am – England v Italy
Monday June sixteenth
12:00am – Switzerland v Ecuador
Tuesday June seventeenth
12:00am – Germany v Portugal
Wednesday June 18th
12:00am – Belgium v Algeria
three:00am – Brazil v Mexico
Thursday June nineteenth
12:00am – Australia v Netherlands
three:00am – Spain v Chile
Friday June twentieth
12:00am – Columbia v Côte d’Ivoire
three:00am – Uruguay v England
Saturday June twenty first
12:00am – Italy v Costa Rica
three:00am – Switzerland v France
Sunday June twenty second
12:00am – Argentina v Iran
three:00am – Germany v Ghana
Monday June twenty third
12:00am – Belgium v Russia
Tuesday June twenty fourth
12:00am – Netherlands v Chile
three:00am – Australia v Spain
Wednesday June twenty fifth
12:00am – Italy v Uruguay
three:00am – Costa Rica v England
Friday June twenty seventh
12:00am – Portugal v Ghana
three:00am – USA v Germany

PLEASE NOTE: If no person displays inside quarter-hour of kickoff for a 3am or 6am in shape, we can shut the bar for the evening.


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